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                            CHINA FOREIGN AFFAIRS UNIVERSITY

    China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU), the only institution of higher learning that operates under the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, aims at preparing high caliber personnel able to discharge their duties in fluent foreign languages for foreign services, international studies, and international business and law.
    At the suggestion of Premier Zhou Enlai, China Foreign Affairs University, the predecessor of which was the Department of Diplomacy of the Chinese People's University, was founded in September 1955. Vice Premier and Foreign Minister Chen Yi, was the then President of CFAU between 1961 and 1969. The incumbent President is H.E. Ambassador Zhao Jinjun.
    China Foreign Affairs University has concurrently a 400-strong faculty and staff, among whom 170 or so are licensed full-time instructors. Besides, some 70 senior diplomats and renowned experts, professors, and scholars have been engaged as guest professors, and some 20 foreign experts and teachers have also been engaged for relevant specialties.
CFAU has now a total of 2,400 Ph.D., MA, BA, double-degree students, in-service students, and nearly 100 international students on the campus.
    Departments and institutes engaged in teaching and research include Department of Diplomacy, Department of English and International Studies, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of International Law, Department of International Economy, Department of Graduate Studies, Institute of Continuing Education, International Exchange Center, Institute of International Law, Institute of International Relations and an Office of International Program. The China International Law Society and the China Society of International Relations have their secretariats on the campus. Academic organizations such as UN Studies Center, European Studies Center, East Asian Studies Center are also attached to CFAU. The CFAU East Asian Studies Center carries out the research and the routine work for NEAT.
    The CFAU Board of Trustees was set up in May 1995 with the approval of the Foreign Ministry. Its objectives are to expand CFAU's lateral ties with relevant sectors of the society for fund raising through multiple channels, with the hope of injecting vigor into the operation of university administration. The Board's honorary chairman is the former Vice Premier Qian Qichen. The presidents have been the successive Foreign Ministers over the past decade.
    CFAU shall expand its operations on a moderate scale to meet the growing need of the country for talents in the Foreign Service sector. The goal of CFAU is to develop itself into a first class institution with Chinese characteristics to the outside world with diplomatic characteristics to its domestic counterparts; in other words, the CFAU aspires to attain to first class level among its kind in the world, while at home, it shall give prominence to features such as can only be achieved by none of its kind other than CFAU under the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In compliance with the guideline of “orientating its work to the world and the future," CFAU shall draw up a long-term plan, making a global design. China Foreign Affairs University shall, under the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, seize hold of the opportunity, and move boldly ahead for bringing up high caliber, foreign language speaking professionals for our country.

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